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Here is an excerpt from the Children's Story
"You Have to Try and Try to Learn How to Fly"
So Baby Bird walked over to Mr. Frog and said 
“Mr. Frog, won’t you help me back up into my nest?” 
Why don’t you simply fly back up the tree to your nest?” 
said Mr. Frog. “Because I try and I try and I just can’t fly” 
cried Baby Bird. “But you’re a bird” said Mr. Frog, 
“and all birds can fly if the try.” “I know” said Baby Bird, 
“but I try and I try but I’ll never learn how to fly.” 
“You can’t give up” said Mr. Frog. “Now I can’t fly, but 
I can help you to try. 
If you climb on my back, I’ll jump up high. 
Then you can try to learn how to fly.” “I’ll try” said Baby Bird.

Here is an excerpt of a short story entitled:


      “Come on you stupid piece of junk!” he screamed, out

of control. He then started pounding on the top of it,

then kicking it. “I aint got time for this,” he

continued. “Don’t do this to me,” now pleading as if

the dryer had a mind of it’s own. Pounding and

kicking the machine, Johnny was now in a panic. He

started to sob and plead to himself, “NO MORE



The dryer lights then snapped back on and the machine bolted to life. The cycle began. The motor was turning. The clothes were now drying. Just as quickly as the dryer went from acting crazy to operating normally, Johnny went from panic to calm. He wiped the sweat and tears from his face and somberly started walking back toward the den to garage door.

All of a sudden again the dryer stopped, the lights on it went dark and the overhead garage light went out. Standing still and in complete darkness, Johnny started to panic. He felt something brush up against his arm, then something else crawl on his leg. In a panic he began to run for where he thought the den to garage door was but tripped over the leg of the bench and fell flat on his face. Things were now crawling all over his body, he was sure of it.

“Black Widows, Black Widows!!”, he screamed. He began frantically swiping, brushing and slapping himself all over in an attempt to rid himself of those death monsters. He was in full panic. Screaming at the top of his lungs, he rolled over and over on the concrete floor shaking and convulsing his body, “NO, NO GET OFF OF ME, GET OFF GET OFF!”

Excerpt from the full length story


        Everyday, surrounded by them. They don't sleep 

or do they?  Every hour is a challenge. A challenge

to stay alive. A moment caught behind is a moment no

more.  They are relentless. More hideous than the 

worst of the most terrible nightmares anyone could 

have. They show no remorse but why should they? They are 

nothing  like  us.  No one really knows what they 

look like, up close.  Are they of this earth?  

Only God knows. Or does he? These things could not 

be of him for why would he deliver us such awful 

evil?  No time to think.  Must keep moving. I must 

try to get back to town before dusk. Yes, must stay 

alert and keep moving.

A moment behind is a moment no more.

The hills are really dry this year. How could anything live, yet thrive in this environment? Nothing but dirt and dry brush. And them. I must be a fool to do this. They're probably wagering on me back home. Will I come back? If I do, then will I be in one piece? If I come back in one piece, will I be infected? If I am infected, will I be infected with the contagious bug or just the other slowly and painfully insanity bug? Insanity bug? Ha! Yeah! That's a good name for it. The Insanity Bug, get yours today! Hmmm, listen to me, I'm already going crazy and I am not infected. Not yet. And I hope never. Oh why am I doing this? Out in 100 degree weather, looking for something that can kill me. I must be infected, with stupidity. Oh well, just keep moving.

A moment behind is a moment no more.

A couple of miles from the home camp, a young boy who had strayed away from his family (who were a half mile away collecting fruit for the evening's dinner), was playing in the stream splashing the water furiously. His parents had warned him about making noises and attracting attention when not at home, but he had never seen these monsters that everyone was always talking and warning everyone about. For all he knew and cared about for the moment was, there was nothing out here that could hurt him - he was going to make all the noise he wanted. But before he could begin on his attempt to be loud, a shadow appeared out of nowhere and the child's screams, like the blood(what little was left), faded away down the peaceful stream. At that instant is when the mother discovers that her son is missing. She screams knowing that it may be too late. The entire family runs in search of the boy, all knowing that they are all risking their lives. But time runs out and night begins to fall quickly, so the father orders everyone to make for home quickly. No one argues much except the mother but after consultation with the father, she realizes it is too late, for if he were alive, he would have returned by now.

They were not alert enough. They were a moment behind. Standing in front of them, with fresh blood on it's skin, was a creature, one that had just eaten, by the looks of it, and was still hungry, judging by the look of intention in it's eyes. The father yelled for everyone to take off in different directions. The two teenage girls instinctively went running in the same direction, but the creature paid no attention to them, for the one standing in front of it was the one who was making the most commotion. In one swipe, the creature lifted the father and flung him like a rag doll, against a boulder thirty feet away, changing the rock's and the surrounding area's color. The mother and the other remaining son did manage to flee down a hill keeping their distance. It seems the farther the noise is apart, the more confused the creatures got. At least that is what the mother as thinking, unaware of her son yelling at her to look out. The moment she realized someone was yelling, a thing that resembled a claw, ripped through her chest, pulling away her heart. She stumbled a couple more steps and fell into a large crater in the ground, all to the delight of the creatures hatchlings. The son seeing his mother being eaten by these things, ran wildly back up the hill. He continued running becoming quicker and quieter as the minutes past. Soon though it was too dark to run, so he found a place in some bushes and sat very quietly.

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